Electric or Thermal Car ?

Nowadays, there is a lot of controversy about electric cars and thermal cars. Following certain criteria, it is, however, possible to make the share of the things and to locate itself. Every one of these vehicles has benefits but also disadvantages that are their own. Let’s discover together this article that talks about it.

Particularity of the Two Types of Vehicles

Indeed, electric cars are known for their particular noise, the heat they emit, without forgetting the pollution. Pollution is one of the weak points of these vehicles. When driving, thermal cars don’t offer the maximum of their torque right away, they transmit it gradually when you press the gas pedal. A slight delay can also be observed between the moment you press the gas pedal and the moment the car accelerates. However, electric cars do not have these problems.

In fact, electric motors are able to deliver their full power and torque in an instant, and these vehicles are non-polluting and do not emit any noise. The driving on board of these vehicles is pleasant and silent. But you have to remember to charge them after a while, or else they will die out.

What is the price gap between a combustion and an electric car ?

An electrical vehicle is much more costly to buy than a thermal one. The price of an electric car can vary from 20,000 euros to 90,000 euros depending on the model and the options it offers. As for a car with a traditional engine, the average price is 25,000 euros, but it can be much lower if the car is old or bought second-hand.

Finally, it should be noted that the daily cost of recharging an electric vehicle is much lower than the cost of filling up with fuel for a combustion engine car. If some costs can be added to the bill for an electric vehicle, notably to install a charging station at home, it is less expensive in the long term. In terms of maintenance, the electric vehicle is less expensive than a gasoline car, which requires more specific maintenance.

Electric cars are the vehicles of the future. However their long charging time remains their biggest concern, their maintenance cost is also lower.